Glass ball reflections

I consider this a final render because Im not going to edit it anylonger… but Im still expirementing with glass.
What do you think?

I think you should put raydepth to full and render it in an angle that
the sphere would reflect many many times with reflection.

But if you experiment more with glass you should
test that effect, raydepth has to be adjusted often to work correctly
when having a glass material, eventhough you consider the image finished.

If I had a penny for everitme someone posted reflective sphere, I would be rich. :-?

It would appear that you need to enable fresnel? The line that is formed by the floor meeting the wall should appear distorted when viewed through the glass sphere. IOR settings (Index Of Refraction) can be found on the net. And, as mentioned above, the number of reflections seem to be to few. gl. keep at it.