Glass Beetle

Here is a model that I have been working on that I rendered in YafRay.


That’s quite good !

But you can get it nicer if you smooth the end of the legs, put an HDRI world map, work a bit more on the shading, change the ugly white floor (an other color or a wood texture), and finally improve a bit the render.


Thanks weilynn! I agree about the legs smoothing. About the shading, I was seeing what would happen if I lit a scene entirely with photons, thus it has very pitiful shadow outlines, but good colors. I could not figure out what kind of environment to put it in, since it would not usually be found anywhere!

Nice… very realistic. I like…

that is AWESOME dergemkr. Keep it up! :smiley:

If I find this somewhere in a shop, I will buy it! no really I will take it.

Actually, the original idea came from those walking radio shack bugs, but I kind of changed it a bit.