Glass Birth - Redux - With Animation

Well, after seeing a thread by Turkish in this forum and the recent release of Yafray 0.0.7, I pulled this file back out and have rerendered with new Cached pathlight and HDRI. Changed the floor to a nicer texture, rather than the original blue reflective plane.


Click the image to see a 10 second camera fly-by animation. Note that you may need to change your player settings to see it in full, (100%) size.

(DivX Codec, 2 Meg)


how can I make HDRI via the plug-in?

Load a HDRI file into the world texture setting, instead of an image file, and map to ANGMAP the same as you always would.

Automatically outputs the hdri file.


ahh… so that how do it - any idea where can I find free hdri’s?

:o lookscool :o

awesome work dewd as usual speacialy with yafray…and glad to know theres a new release of Yafray me go look for it or u could just show me where %| cuz yeah me lazy :smiley:

The HDRI is well suited to this object. I expecially like the reflection of the ‘world’ on the floor surface. Adds a good depth to it.

Now, if you really want to freak people out, do one of these when you are finished with the Witch model. :smiley:

Excellent stuff.


You can get some free pics here:

Nice animation by the way! Looks very realistic to me.

Nice picture of the glass, I can’t get the animation to work though, a minute after the media player loads I get “class not registered”