Glass, Blender and Micron City

Here’s some work from a friend whos not part of the forums.(actually he introduced me to blender.) what do you guys think?

The glass doesn’t look transparent enough. Reduce the specular or make it less opaque.

The first image is probably rendered with the internal renderer? Even so, I hope we could see some caustics on the floor.

The microcity image is pretty cool. I think it would be more effective if a DoF blur is applied, to convey the small scale.

In the first image the wine glasses are a little too reflective, and the index of refraction looks off, imo. If it wasn’t done in BI, then it could use some Caustics. Overall, it’s a good effort, though.

Second image doesn’t have much to critique, it’s a pretty good reflective material test. I like the background blur.

The third image could have used a higher level of AA. I would say something about it looking too sharp, but I imagine the was intentional through the use of a sharpen and/or edge detection filter.