Glass, bottle, and table scene

really simple, the bottle and glass were made by tracing the sides of a refernce pictures with vertices(i dont know any correct terms), then using the spin commad from top view to form the glass, i did about the same for the bottle., and the table is as simple as they come

i am extremely new at all this, this is about the best i’ve done so far, i especially dont get materials

criticisms welcome, advice wanted! :slight_smile:

Hallo DieSonne,

Your technique with the spinning is good. I’m an absolute loser when it comes to materials, so I can’t help you with that. For this image:

  • turn on ‘osa’ at the rendering options
  • ad another lamp in a different angle
  • turn up the specularity of the glass material in the material section

Good luck with blendering!

Hmm the bottles shape looks good except you got extra vertices and faces causeing it to look horrible.

The large bottle I belive you have vetices creating a cylindrical shape inside it. Causing that thick black line. Delete those vertices.

To give the bottle thickness copy the outerline of the bottle and place it in the inersider. Join the vertices up to make one mesh. Remember to make the inner bottle small than the outer bottle. The use the spin command and there you go.

Use the same technique as the bottle but dont give the stem of the glass the innerside vertices.

Hmm that might be confusing to read. Aah well if you dont understand, I’m sure you’ll ask what the heck do i mean :slight_smile:

Keep it up.

ack, i’m a total newb at this, like i said, so i need to ask how to “join” the vertices?

and i’m pretty sure OSA was turned on at the time, i’ll turn up specularity and see how that works

My other dilemma is the glass, to make it appear to have thickness i selected the top part, copied it, and scaled down, then made faces around the rim :o (get it? faces? hah…ha. nevermind)

the problem is, that part wont take the glass texture, do i need to flip the normals? or…something?

Well select 2 vertices that you want joined toghter in this case it will be 2 vertices in the bottle neck. Once you have selected the 2 vertices press “F” this will create a line joining them togther. :slight_smile:

So you should have the outerside and innersider shape joined togther. Press the Spin command and there ya go. :smiley:

There is an excellent article about materials and texturing at
Photorealistic Texturing For Dummies is well worth reading for any cg artist.

You might want to try out procedural textures found in blender. Though if you aim for realism, you may have to make your own specularity, colour etc. maps.