Glass Bottle with lable


I’m trying to map a label to glass bottle in blender using yafaray.
The label has an alpha as its a logo.
I can seem to do it.
I create a glass material, the add texture, but I can seem to find a way show the logo as the bottle is glass it also make the logo transparent.

Any ideas please?

Well I’m not sure about yafaray, but this works in cycles. Thanks to Kaluura for showing me this one. Basically you mix the glass with the diffuse image texture only where the image has alpha. Is this the alpha effect you’re looking for?

You can do this sort of thing with texture nodes or the old-fashioned way with stacked textures. The glass does its transparency thing, and the label (with 100%-alpha on the label and 0% everywhere else) is separately mapped onto the glass e.g. with a cylindrical mapping.