glass breaking

this is acomplished mainly through the fracture add on.

so here are some previews of a shard of glass breaking upon the ground, i havn’t set up material or anything, but i’m just looking to see what you guys think of the physics. also let me know what you think about it in ultra slow mo, or do you like it better at a semi slow mo or should i just make it regular.

slow mo

ultra slow mo

also if anyone knows a way in which to make particles slow down, that would be greatly appreciated.

please critique

Looking pretty good! There are some problems with object intersections, but I’m not sure if that can be fixed. Also, the shards are moving across the ground plane like there is no friction. Again, not sure if that can be fixed. I think the choice of whether to do regular speed, slow-mo, or ultra slow-mo is up to you – what kind of mood do you want to evoke? Regular speed will just be a piece of glass shattering all over the floor, slow-mo will be a little bit more dramatic, and ultra slow-mo will be yet more dramatic. It all just depends on what you’re going for. :yes:

I’m excited to see your progress on this.


fracture addon?

The utra slow mo version is breaking apart before it hits the ground. It looks like it’s going to crack and where the cracks are going to appear. That’s the only crit so far. Also, the big shard doesn’t look very realistic. maybe scale it down a bit.

I would like a speed between the two you have already. The first ones a bit too fast, the second too slow.

But i like it overall.

thanks for the comments and critiques.

@funddevi yea the objects have a tendancy to pass through objects when going super fast. i’ve mainly just been doing a ton of testing and experimenting. unfortunatly since game settings are so different than what i’m familiar with, i can’t find any friction settings.

@Sam M Yes its the fracture addon, with some small particles (in the first one only).Thanks for letting me know that the big piece looks too fake. i think when i add my glass texture i’ll make it look as if its fractured witin itself (not really sure if i explained that well). i’m leaning towards doing it a regular speed just beacuse it does start to break before hitting the ground, and i can then add small particles with a particle system (like in the first one).

hopefully i can get around to adding some textures, lighting, and compositing tommorow.

looks good :slight_smile: are you planning on using it within a bigger project? im curious to see how it looks when you have all the materials in place :slight_smile:

A cool idea, what are you using it for?

I agree with Sam M: The first one is too fast, whereas the second one is too slow.
A golden sollution (in my opinion): Make it fly to the ground at the speed of video 1(fast), and let it shatter at the speed of video 2(ultra slow-mo).

For a more dramatic effect: make some shards (or perhaps just one) fly just next to the camera. Add some motion blur (vector blur through the Nodes system) for a cool effect.

The shape of the shard to me look kind of awkward. Perhaps if you could tell us what you’re planning to do with it, I would understand but I don’t think you’ll ever see such a glass shape fall to the ground in real life.

Physics: When I look at the video, I can’t help it but think of the shard as if it were made of rock. Try dropping a real glass. As we all know, dropping a glass in the center of the room will most likely cover it with tiny pieces of glass. The shards should have a more equal size, not some huge ones and a bunch of tiny pieces. Fiddle around with the Fracture Add-on settings to get a more realistic effect.

The pieces do look a bit ‘flat’. Have you tried experimenting with the Crack Type and Roughness calue in the Fracture menu? Fiddling with the amount of shards and the Crack Type could perhaps also solve The ‘big and small’ shards problem.

CREATOR QUESTION: “also if anyone knows a way in which to make particles slow down, that would be greatly appreciated”

Answer: do you mean make them slow down in mid-air? If you’re talking about an actual particle system, go to that particle system and in the PHYSICS panel, there are 2 values called ‘Drag’ and ‘Damp’. Those can do the trick for you, I would say. Don’t forget you can always animate those values with keyframes if you want the particles to fly fast, then come to a stop in mid-air.

That’s all I can find for now :slight_smile: Good work!
Hope this helps,

and Happy Blending!

Here’s a tutorial on smashing glass in blender:
-It might help you create the effect

thanks for the critique, i’m glad that you guys are giving your honest opinion.

i was trying to get the idea of a piece of glass from a window is shattering.

i agree that i have too many big ones, now i’m trying to decide if it would look better leaving the big pieces and having them shatter even more the second time they hit, or if i should just make them smaller from the start.

as to the particles looking too flat, i thought that glass might shatter that way (although i didn’t research it).

This looks good! But I have a question how did you make this?

i’m going to try to work on the physics a bit more, and then explain everything in detail. my goal is to finish this project by saturday.

There is so much potential for the fracture addon, it’s a shame they stopped developping it (last time i checked). Physics “need” to be done in the game engine and it’s a bit cumbersome. Also, the objects need to be fractured beforehand, and that also isn’t ideal (as seen in the slowmo) - although i have no idea if it would be possible to do it any other way (more something like the explode modifier?).

LightBulb: I like the explosion, you have made. I’ve tried to make the same thing, but I haven’t successed. I was wondering if you would be kind enough to provide me with the blend so I can take a closer look?