Glass Challace.

hi, my second piece, I think i’m getting better…

Modelled in Wings3d, Textured in Blender, Rendered with Yafray.

Hit autosmooth in the edit button.

That’s a very nice chalice. I think it would be nice if you could make it a little bit more reflective, because that defines the surface. But the shape and “heft” of the thing and the color and so-on are very nice. The treatment of the top rim of the glass is fine.

It may well be that simply doing a little more with three-point light (and also selecting and blending the colors of those additional lights) will by itself take this project most of the rest of the way “home.” Right now the light, pretty much all of it, seems to be coming from a key-light over and slightly behind the glass. But there would also be a rim-light of some color … perhaps yellowish … and maybe a third fill … perhaps blue.

The backdrop color and texture is very nice, and the gradient of light helps very nicely. Spot-on with that.

In fact, I think I’ll say, “work on the lighting setup next, and only that.” Grab books on photographic lighting setups for reference.

Very nice work of art, could use some caustics.