Glass Chess Board

This is a glass chess board made in Blender and rendered in Cycles, postproduction in Photoshop.

C&C are always welcome.

Greetings all, this is my first post.
Hard to find a flaw in your job, in my personal opinion the DOF is a bit too strong, the piece in the middle (queen or king?) looks like satin glass instead of clear glass. Unless it is intended, of course. Great work anyway!
By the way, would you post the node setup for the glass material please?


Ya pretty good but as Rodarcus said, the DOF is too strong. I’m no expert but I would say you should make it so at least one peice is fully in focus. Nice modeling though.

it looks like you spent quite some time on these models, i get the sense that you have one team clear glass and one team frosted glass? its not so clear as the depth of field is too strong, but as you are focussing on the king and pawn (at least it appears that that is your intent) your composition is all wrong as you have pieces in front of the main focus of the scene. lose the knight in front of the king and have the focus pieces in a checkmate posture to give meaning to the scene

I like the strong DOF and and a lot of photographers use strong DOF