Glass Chess Set

Basically, im working on this Glass Chess set, and to be perfectly honest, i cant be bothered working on the details like the table, the little things that aren’t essential and things like that.

So i’m asking for either help, or a full model for a table, maybe a nice lamp or something (maybe just a good sun effect and a window?).
But right now i really just need a table, and some opinions.
Which of course the blender community knows is very important, so if you have ANYTHING to say just say it, because right now its just a project that needs a helping hand to look better (also the end image will have some reference to you and your work, if you decide to help)
I have attached some Early renders of the board, still working on the rough squares…

The End result will be in the middle of a game, with some pieces off the board ect. The Clear and Rough pieces will be in the EXACT same style as the board (apart from tweaking to get nice light effects ect.)
Also, take not of my awsome Board edge that took 5 minutes.:wink:

Hope you like it so far:D

EDIT: I have started with some pieces, but im having issues with the Frosted glass look that im trying for…The other pieces look amazing (if i dont say so myself) so far, but a bit more modelling is needed unfortunately…


Well… if you need a table to put in there and you don’t have the time to model it, you could always download one from blendswap or turbosquid…

I was thinking of just downloading one, but i figured it was best to be a bit more community orientated, anyway, i would really like to give the project to someone who is a bit of a noob. Why? Because, if you don’t nurture talent then it doesn’t bloom! I like to be more of a community person when it comes to these things because it means that you can see some talent coming into practice!
(also, i don’t want it to be completely generic like most of the tables out there, i wanted a look that more suited the board edges)

I noticed that ive had like 130ish Views on this…and only one answer…like seriously guys thats just a poor effort

lolol :smiley: tell you what, after im dont picture modelling this alleyway, ill make you a table, a glass chess board (not the peices) and give you a window rig with a nice sun lamp with streaming particles that look like real dust particles ok? sorry…i viewed like four times, but i was like…ehhhh im doing something right this seccond sooooooo :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, ok i can do just the table lolol :smiley: and the lighting stuff…lighting is my specialty (i thought originally that you wanted a glass chessboard :P)

what kind of table yah want? i can do quite a few :stuck_out_tongue:

I kinda want a table that has edges a bit similar to those of the actual chess board. Ill get some better pics up soon, when i have the time. For now ill just add some more renders…
Mind that the 3rd one has some pretty dodgy lighting…but it does display the final bishops design, the other one doesnt show the “slit” that all bishops have.


ok ill get to work on it…so you want a table with beveled edges?

Not necesarily beveled, like the sides of the board, ill get an ortho view for you to reference.
Also, i finished the Queen, hope you guys like it :wink:


ah ok i got yah know :smiley:

done with table, now im making the lights and stuff :stuck_out_tongue: do you mind sending me the full blend after you put the chess peices in there? cuz im going to put pillows and everything into it :stuck_out_tongue: that way all you have to do is put the chess set in the scene and then render!!!

thanks heaps Moon Moose. I have hit a bit of a bump in the road though…the knight.
The other pieces are easy. just an outline and a spin does it in a few minutes, then little after effects. The knight is a bit of a different issue. Modelling a horse head is gonna be harder than i would like…

Also, what do yuo think of the other pieces? Forgot to ask before…

Figured i’d update with some more of it finished. Got the king done now, still working on the Rooks and Knights… But i keap losing time so im a bit behind my original schedual. Never mind here are the newest renders (and yes i know how dodgy the lighting is, but right now that is the least of my concerns)

Hope you like my modelling…


looking great! ishould be able to give you the table/lighting setup later today or tomorrow
(i have like 20 projects im doing lol)

actually, since your in the same animation group
i guess i can ask you for some help lmao :smiley:

No problems Moose!

you know…if you need help you can just email me…

lol i know, i just like annoying you in your threads LOL

Love the design.

Luckily it doesnt take long to make the pieces, i might redo the queen…the middle bit makes “her” look anorexic…