Glass cube with interesting lighting
Everyone seems to be posting cubes as their first render here so I might as well give it a try too.

You can download the movie in XviD/mp3lame format here:
High quality - 77MB
Medium quality - 30MB
Low quality - 10MB
To play these files you may need to download a compatible codec:
Xvid windows binaries from Nic
As far as I know it plays back without issues using MPlayer on linux.

If you have a high-speed internet connection you can stream it directly from Google Video using the following URL:

You can browse individual frames in full resolution and quality on BURP:
BURP session 139 page

A little info:
I started working on this last weekend in attempt to learn how to use the sequencer in combination with distributed computing. It took about 6 hours to make and animate the 3030 frames, 140 days to render (2 with BURP, hehe). It’s a [email protected] video file rendered with the internal renderer in Blender.
One of the reasons for the extremely large rendertime is the level of detail (6) in the reflections as well as OSA being set to 16 and the use of radiosity - and of course the number of reflecting items in the scene…
There is no postpro except from what is directly available in Blender. The soundtrack has been added afterwards using MEncoder and everything was produced using merely opensource software.

A great thanks goes to the participants of BURP for helping out.


[Edit:] By request the image above has been changed to something that better represents the animation =)

Hey, thats a really nice animation and perfectly syncs with the music. I watched the low detail version but i like it so i think ill download one of this higher detailed ones :smiley:

One thing that confused me is this:

‘‘I started working on this last weekend in attempt to learn how to use the sequencer in combination with distributed computing. It took about 6 hours to make and animate the 3030 frames, 140 days to render.’’

Not sure about you, but ive had less than 140 days since my last weekend :o

Am i getting the wrong meaning?

2 days 7 hours 12 min 55 sec (Real time)
(140 days 9 hours 31 min 17 sec CPU time)

You might change the picture you have there. This animation is very good.

I liked the animation too, especially in the end with those big blocks. You should really replace that image of the cube with a screenshot, that’s just driving people away from this thread.

Did you use some sort of script to drive those objects with music, or is it just plain hand animated? Pretty damn fast job if you did that by hand in just 6 hours. :slight_smile: If so how did you get it synchronized so well?

The clip was impressive; the sync with music perfect, the concept wonderful, and the idea really original.

It is amazing you managed to put it all together before rendering in just six hours…How did you do it?

Madrid, Spain.

OUTRAGEOUSLY beautiful! Hats off ! Marvelous! Such an atmosphere in that animation man!

It’s good to see a project with the all the effort put into the animation instead of the modelling. Very refreshing. :smiley:

very cool, for a second I thought this would be like those “yelly tube with interesting lighting” threads, I was pleasantly suprised! very nice work.

hey, about BURP…i am wondering how you render anything with it?

Actually I was making a bit of fun with the title - I guess most people would expect exactly that kind of cube with exactly that kind of “interesting” lighting when they hit the link to this page.
For historical reasons I’ll repost the old image down here for amusement:

It’s hand animated all the way. First of all I forgot to mention that composing the music isn’t included in the 6 hours (it took several days and I really never got finished with it…).

  1. I imported the audio-stream into the Blender sequencer.

  2. For each of the active objects I ran through the animation using framestepping while inserting size key-frames just the frame before each node starts. That way the objects will always fall back to the same size instead of accidentally growing or shrinking over the entire animation (list of keyframes:):

  3. Each of the solo instruments have different charecteristics. The blue ball (xylophone) has rapid movement so I ran through the animation again inserting size keyframes 2 frames later than those already present. For the yellow box (a high pitched square bass) the falloff is a bit smoother so I used 3 and 4 frames there.

  4. Then I started rescaling on the frames just after the first keyframes and insert keyframes there as well. The scale would depend somewhat on how hard or soft the instrument sounded on that frame.

After all that (which was the major part of the first 5 hours) it was finally time to add some location keyframes for the objects as well as the cameras. To finish up on it a few rotation keyframes were added as well.
The last hour or so was spent on getting the light to shine brightly enough without burning and avoid getting the scene to become too dark. The blue ball has an extra lightsource attached that casts raytraced shadows (especially visible when “zooming out” in the end of the animation).

This animation also serves to test BURP, so I’d be very happy if you could include your download experience in your comments - was it easy to download, was the speed ok, could you easily get your computer to run the animation? etc. etc.

I’ll try to answer the rest of the questions either later today or tomorrow.

Thanks for describing you technique, it’s always great to learn something new.

The download system seems to work perfectly for me and the video plays well in Gnome environment (totem-xine).

The video played just fine with Windows Media Player 10 with wm9codec (something like that) pack installed.

The download was at a steady 30kb/s but I only ever used one of the mirrors since I couldn’t be bothered installing another software on my computer xD

yes. ditto that.

Yes,yes,(40+ kb/s, no d/l manager) yes(k-lite/WinAmp), etc., etc. :slight_smile:

Animation itself is really enchanting, no crits, just a question: Could you explain material settings/postpro of the yellow box?

Just like you render stuff in Blender. Except instead of pressing F12 you upload the file to the BURP website. Oh, and BURP isn’t ready for submissions yet - this one was just used as a test to see how well the system performed (I think doing 140days’s work in just 2 pretty much shows that it worked ok).
However, you may be lucky enough to get your .blend file included in the big test at the end of pre-alpha - just PM me for more info. Remember that it needs to be something that takes a while to render…

Sure, it’s nothing special - and there is no postpro - have a look at these settings:
It’s the basic setup with a new colour, a twist of reflection, some transparency and a bit of radiosity poured into the Blender with the rendersettings displayed at the bottom.

Hehe - nice :smiley:

Ok the video is on Google video now - so you can stream it using this link.

BTW Google is a nice video host - I can only suggest that more people should consider using their service, although it is still in beta testing. It’s not as good as dedicated hosting of high-quality files (try comparing the high-quality version with the one on Google) but it is great for medium quality content - and their servers are always up.
They convert everything to flash-playable streamed content so it takes a short while to get the video online. But then they are certain that everyone can play it since the codec is bult into all flash players. Furthermore the fact that it streams means you don’t have to wait untill the entire video is downloaded before you can start watching it.
And it’s free :wink:

Thank you, that glow of top/bottom faces is fresnel+radiosity+emit. Very interesting…

Great to see you are still working on BURP, Flare. :smiley:

Keep up the great work!


awesome! I loved the glowing green rectangles at the end. Though i think it was a bit dark in some regions, i don’t know if it’s just me or my monitor. Not that you’d rerender it again lol! :smiley: keep up the great stuff!

Amazing! :o I’ve watched it seveal times, and still want to see it again!