Glass Distortion

Hey guys

First time posting here

Just wanted to know if there was a way to make a glass shaped object distort a video image that is being played

The situation is, i have a video where there is someone placing a wine glass on the table but there is no glass in the video, thats were blender comes in, but ive been playing around and cant seem to find a way to make the glass effect the background so it looks more… well glassy.

If you get what i mean

Been trying to solve this for about a month now so any help would be greatly apreciated


Can’t say I totally get what you mean, but did you change the IOR (index of refraction) property of the glass object?

il attach a picture of what it currently looks like, the background is just a video, but is there a way to get the glass to interact with the video?


i attached a picture to show what i mean, i guess it has to be something to do with the compositor if its trying to distort the video