Glass Dolphins

Hey everyone, this is my first pic on the site. I’m pretty new to Blender so be merciful:p

No u know what be blunt. I like it better that way.

I couldn’t manage to make them “lean”, they kinda look like they’re hovering…

Ok noob question. How do I make the image appear in my post without a link?:o



The modelling is great.I love the texture and everything.Since this is your first post.I give you 5 stars!
(edit)go to image shack and choose hot link for forums.

See the little button wiht a mountaing and moon in the reply thing? click on it, and injsert your image link there.
BTW, the image is good, especially for a ealier pic. Things I noticed(not bashing oyu work here)
The IOR(index of refraction) on the dolphins is a little off, making for wierd bending of the table behind it.
The texture isnt bad, but it needs just a bit of specularity.

The modeling is nice, no big topology problems, Good work :slight_smile:

Wow! 5 stars! thanks! And thanks for the hot link info

Thanks! I really appreciate your feedback and for the future, guys don’t worry be blunt about my pix I can improve them that way.

Cool! Me wants to pick them up and throw them at a dartboard…

do you have a photon light in there?

wow thats good i couldnt even begin to be able to do that sadly
maybe the modelign but past that you got me beat by a long shot.

No actually I just used a blue spotlight. No Yafray here.

Glass looks very realistic and the image looks well done.

For your first pic posted here it’s pretty good.