Glass entrapment (once more, another abstract work)

Yet another abstract work. These kinds of pieces I am finding fun to do.

You really should see this for yourself.

Whoa… Great materials. Is this the same model from your last render?


If so then no.

It’s made in a similar way I did the mesh in the piece ‘rotating into madness’ I only took it a bit further.

Oh, and please tell me what you think of this piece when you look at this topic.

Cyborg Dragon, I think it’s great you continue to have fun with Blender and are interesting in trying new things and learning with each new piece. Those things are essential, I think, in everyone’s individual quest for better results from one project to the next.

Just as a perpetual habit of mine when taking a step back after I think I’m finished with a piece, one of the things I often wonder, and wondered while looking at this work, is if an image might benefit from some any contrast or saturation adjustments.

Sometimes some brightness/contrast/saturation adjustments in either the Blender render nodes, or an external program like Photoshop or GIMP, can help bring out different qualities of a render and bring about a better balance of light and darkness.

Like everything else there’s no one set approach and it requires experimentation with different settings to see what may work better in any given image, but I thought it might be worth mentioning to you.

I’ve attached an example to this post. In the example the contrast/levels were adjusted, and the perimeter of the image was slightly desaturated. Sometimes it’s also fun to try shifting hues or see how monochromatic renderings come out too :slight_smile:

Keep on blending,



I tried a texture effect with the rotating/revolving into madness piece and people liked the origional render better.

I like what you’ve done with it, but do note that people have different opinions and some may like what came out of the renderer. Take Alden for instance he liked it just the way it came out of the renderer. Others may like it that way too it all boils down to their opinions.

You are part of the inspiration in my making of images, the way you frequently make high quality images and have the community stare in awe at your work.

Sweet render. The materials are awesome.
It seems like some kind of cage to me. I can just imagine something trapped within for eternity

I like it.

How did you model it and how long did the model take?

How well I know :wink: and what’s also nice is that constructive feedback based on those very opinions often can be helpful in the long term. That’s one of the inspirational aspects of this to me, that anyone anywhere could find something they are motivated to discuss about an image or an idea and react to it in different ways from their own perspectives. It’s often interesting if not enlightening to hear what people think too :slight_smile:


Yes I have been paying somewhat more attention to constructive criticism then I used to, like the balloons image I changed some things around after hearing what people thought and almost was going to post with changes I made to the Russian pancake image when I found people liked it the way it is. I also fixed the flames on the candle image.

Though an image can’t really be made perfect in the eyes of everybody, like if you made changes to an image some people may like aspects of the origional better though it may look better to you, you could post countless updates and some people may still not like it.

You do have a good track record of images which I hope someday to achieve, you also get a lot of replies per image partly because of that. Though i’m still not entirely sure how the Russian Pancake image became the most viewed of all my recent images.