Glass fake reflections ?

I have an hdr b&w from Keyshot used as env image and a glass object. I’ve altered it in a mat and want to apply as the reflection, which is easy on a glossy shader but not for glass, just ends up b&w no transparency. I watched this vid but can’t see the whole shader tree.

I can only imagine having to do this in two passes; first which is object and environment map, second which is object visibility cut out, and mix them. We have access to reflected coords which is good for plugging in a fake environment map manually for glossy, but we don’t have access to refracted coords which are needed for fake environment map manually for refraction.

Also, although unrelated, we don’t have means to intersect test the rays or measure its distance for blending in real close reflections with fake far reflections - a trick I was a fan of in the past to speed things up.