glass for the engine

I know there’s a lot about glass here in this forum, but i’m trying to make a glass bowl, i mapped a transparent texture and it looks transparent but it doesn’t look like glass,

  1. it should have some kind of reflection and
  2. which one should be the correct texture? a white one? i’m using a metalic one and made it transparent but doesnt look like glass
  1. For moving reflections, make a random screenshot of the place it’s going to be in, then make it kinda blueish gray shading. Then put it as the material, make the faces transparent and select on the “Reflection” button near the place where you view the picture in blender.

  2. a blueish gray tint on the screenshot will be fine.


The game engine doesn’t support reflections at the moment, sure there’s reflection mapping but it’s not real reflection.

Reflection mapping means to map a texture which has a reflection??
so i need to find a good glass texture with reflections and that would solve the problem??

If you get the texture library from the e-shop it comes with a lot of glass textures which can be used I don’t have a copy due to I’m at work but I will try to upload at home.

Well, aleplgr, if you want more realistic, you should take the schreenshot from the scene itself and then kinda blend it into the glass texture with a 2D prog. Red room reflections don’t look good in a blue room…

Well, it won’t be the exact reflecting but using the same room’s pic would do the trick…

Just trying to help…


Here’s a source I modified last night:
This is the way I want to put 79 sources for the game engine online. Clear and ready to figure it out in your own. :stuck_out_tongue: