Glass Furniture

Hai i read Noob to Pro book…
Etc then they told me to post and i need feedback ^^
Im quite new to blender ( Maybe a week or 2 now ) :expressionless: :expressionless:
And i decided to make some furniture…
Right now i have only 1 glass chair made
I will try get also: a glass table, few more glass chairs
Or something…


Very good work in such a short space of time… Any previous 3D experience?

Only crit turn down the specularity on your plane/floor. Press F5 (shading) then find Shaders tab. Experiment with lower Spec settings.



Not bad at all!

Thanks! Ill try that… No Only 2D experiance in PS :stuck_out_tongue:

Update… Sorry for double post :expressionless:
First test with table…
Better ver with table:
The table is on purpose not soft :expressionless:

the chair could have a bit less slope

select all the verts that join the hind legs with the backrest and move it down a bit.

nice work m8!! i like the light settings of your last image!

ye i’d prefer if the table would be soft too.

haha the feets of the table are funny :smiley:

but the feets of the chair are flying… you should take the vertices at the bottom of the chair feets and extrude them once more, but leave them very very close to the current vertices, like that you can make the feets flat and not rounded, and then it should also touch the ground.

you could also imagine feets in the similar style as the table if you want to make some kind of uniform design haha :stuck_out_tongue:

keep on working like that for a few months and i’m sure you’ll do amazing things! :wink:

Minor lights update, chair aint so thin…
And i need a bit help… You see on the table, it reflects the legs kinda gay… What should i do? Put the reflectivity down?? Please help!!
C&C also pls :slight_smile:

ok :smiley:

for the shadows you should use raytraced shadows (as you seemed to have before) or at least increase the buffer shadow resolution. because in your image we can see the pixels of the shadow resolution! if you continue to work with buffer shadows you’ll aslo need to play with the bias, because now you can see that the shadow has some kind of fade in where the feet of the table touch the ground. this is not a big deal since your table is made of glass, but when you’ll have materials that aren’t transparent it will be more problematic.

you should use caustics aka photon lights (the bright shadows of refracted light) to make the glass effect complete. have a look at this:

but for caustics i cannot help you i never tried it since i find glass effects quite kitsch :-?

have fun!! :stuck_out_tongue: