glass girl ??

well not much to say just got bored and made a thing in new blender 5-6 h of pure work

and heres ref
will do her face and make cloth look good

— full edit
now its now guite as glass but anyway looks damn cool as for baking at 256X256 :spin:
more shots at the end of topic


Hey, not bad. Could use a bit of extra subsurfacing, though.

What BlackBoe said. But it’s pretty poetic :slight_smile:

Remind me of the Swarovski little crystal objects…

What about an background? but very nice

The glass does look pretty good! I think the hair looks a bit too thin though…

thinx for the comments guys :yes: here’s an update added face not quite what i wanted but looks good

…Hey hey! That’s starting to look pretty good there. I’m watching.

Hey, though, just out of interest, what do you think is wrong with the face?

I liked the first one better. Don’t know why but it looks more stylistic/abstract. You should keep both versions but for the first image there, use some sort of background to refract through the glass. In the second version, the eyes seem a bit too wide.
eyes do seem to be to wide but its an anime/manga style so its ok for now

not bad, the top edge of the ear does seem a bit thin tho… all so not saying you need to join but thought the link: might come in handy… :slight_smile:

Hey, you don’t need to take this 100%, as I am not the best artist in the world, but from what I can make out, there are a couple things to be tweaked in the proportions of the face, I dunno if this picture helps. The green lines are your current lines and the pink lines are corrections I’ve been able to make out. I hope this doesn’t seem too presumptuous.

ok thinx i will try it on next day :wink:

I like the second render- nice and simple - and also conservative on polys. Elemental, in a way. It reminded me of François Gutherz’s work. But i see your working towards something more high-poly. I agree with blackboe’s lines - i also think that her cheek is a bit wide on the left side.

small updates:cool:
fixed face added wings used multires (now on 2 but will have more detail)

-edit any one know of some good tutorial for realistic wings ?


come on I’m this good that there aren’t no comments or what ?:eek:

Huh, I forgot to say anything. Weird. Anyway, the eyes look a little better in a ‘less wide’ sort of way. The whole thing’s coming along pretty nicely. I don’t know about wing tutorials, but see if these can help you. That looks pretty much comprehensive. You might have to re-engineer some of it to be angel styled, but still, the layout and everything should be there.

thinx BlackBoe it really helps ive made a nice bump map for wings now :yes: gimp rocks

ive found olso this

also wanted to know what do you think is better:rolleyes:


ooo… pretty!
So your using a pic for the wings that you are parenting to the “wing bone”?

Thats a good idea, I need to get on my compy at home to see the other pics.

no i will try to make wing fully in 3d :smiley:
i also made eysterday a wing but didnt like it


ooh, even better :smiley:

The pic is just for reference then?