Glass Goblet - First Actual Model

Hey guys I was wondering if you could give me some feedback on this goblet I modeled mainly for practice
I know it’s very noisy, I have a render going on at the moment on my server computer hopefully to get rid of a lot of it
This is really the first model I done that I’m remotely proud of even if its simple so please critique away! :slight_smile:

OPS! Sorry think I should have put this in work in progress haven’t slept yet so my bad :frowning:

I cant say much about this mainly because it is a test render. -Try to make a environment for this or something that would work fine showing your work even a hdr map would be fine. -The lighting also needs some more work. -I think you should add a solidify modif. I cant see the thickness of this.
You still have much to learn. Try this website:
It was very useful for me at the start and still I learn new things. It might help you too.
Overall I think it is a nice start.
Good job.

Thank you for the reply i’ll see what I can come up with :slight_smile:

Also i’m a Citizen on CG Cookie so I always try out stuff on there too :smiley:

An important thing with solidify is to have the normals set correctly (ctrl+n in edit mode with everything selected)
Otherwise stuff will move in weird directions somewhere

Looks pretty nice. I agree, thickness would be good, and an environment texture as well, to sort of…clarify things. Right now it looks almost like it’s made out of silver or something, so having something distinct to see through it would be a help.

Thanks all, I’m slowly working on improving it but have a motion tracking project going on right now