Glass Half full?

I want to creae a glass with the liquid level increasing from none to full, but no visible liquid pouring. I have am pretty good with blender (no problem with creating basic fluids), but I cant seem to figure this one out. I want to be able to rotate around the glass so there can be nothing but the glass & moving water level on the screen?
Cancel that, I did a workaround. I love blender.

For prosperity sake, what was your work around? If it were me, I would animate an inflow object that comes up thought he bottom of the glass as your want the water to start flowing in, once your reach the water level you want, animate the inflow back out of the glass.

My work around was I exported a bunch of stills with a mesh object as the water. I would move the mesh a bit in edit mode then grab a render, and sequence the stills in Premier. Bit Stupid.
Obviously it did not look as good as expected, an was a complete waste of time. I added an inflow at the bottom of the glass. It worked perfectly, should have done it in the first place. I have attached the blend file (without bakes!). Still havnt got the water material right, or the lighting, or baked at a high enough resolution. (will change the size of the inflow object to match the shape of the bottom of the glass.


GlassFull.blend (344 KB)