Glass Image texture

I have a quick question about a glass texure. Im trying to get an image to work with a glass texture to where you can see the image clearly but it still relects like glass. Im having trouble either the image is clear and not reflective or the image is foggy and reflective. please help

in cycles ?
show us some renders and nodes set up

happy cycles

yes it is in cycles. Im working on an iphone. I have tried using image textures and they work but have many of the problems of image textures as far as reflecting and reacting at different angles. The textures works for the phone but its dark and covers all the modeling details. Where as the screen is done the opposite (excpet it contains an image texture instead of diffuse shader) way and you can see the image clearly but it has lost the refelctivity of glass.

can you show your nodes set up
did you add another mix shader to add some glossy ?

you should moe you emissin light further away so we don’t see these

also did you use an HDRI map to give more reflections

i mean to have reflections you need something
and HDRI map or some other objects arounds

happy cycles

Thanks for the quick reply. Here are the nodes for the phone body. I am aware of the HDRI map and moving emission panels away from the object. Sorry i just rigged up something quickly to show the problem ive been having.

try to add a second mix shader
then add a glossy node
see what it gives

will continue tomorrow!

happy cycles

Thanks so much the glossy shader helped. I think itll work now.