Glass in cycles, rendering with transparent background, with correct glass. I need help with this

Hey. How do I achieve the correct effect, like in this picture?

Edit: this is what mine looks like after going absolutely bonkers with lights:

Nodes as of right now:

Other info… I have the transparent checked in render properties>film>transparent and also the transparent>glass checked. I have been testing out different light usage around the object now probably too much at this point.

I intend to find a way to make the glass look as realistic as possible, then have it be seethrough in the png. I realize I’m approaching this a bit ignorant, so I apologise for that. I can’t find the solution/path to solution (being how to achieve the best looking glass material I can without needing 3000 nodes, which would be something I would do if there was no other option).

Anyways, I’ll elaborate if you need any additional information. And of course, any help is suuuper appreciated.

Generally, a convincing looking glass gets down to few key elements

  • correct IOR
  • have something to reflect - I suggest using HDR for lighting
  • fresnel effect

I’ve been using the setup below for a long time. It’s not perfect, but it could give you a foundation to play with and improve.

(note the Fresnel node can be switched with Layer Weight for finer control

Thanks! I appreciate you sharing this!