Glass in desert(now its crystals in desert)

I was gonna do a caustics test, but since yafray doesnt want to work(i think i messed up RPM somehow… oh well… ) but i got to playing around,… and this is what i had, i might make it into something, i think it looks pretty cool personally. Anyone have any ideas on what to do with it?

how did you do the bumps on the ground? I like it :slight_smile:
the glass doesn’t look very convincing though

its actually just a marble tex, set to displace a plane… i added a convincing color, and well there it was, I know the glass isnt that convincing… i dont know what i’m gonna do with it, this was meant to be a caustics test… guess i need to figure out how to get yafray to work first… I think the glass isnt convincing because either it reflects to much, or my index of refraction is off… but i might tweak it a little more… Anyone have ideas on what to put in my desert landscape to replace or complement my little pillar of glass?

What about yafray doesn’t work. Does it work if you render something from the command line, or does it only not work from Blender?

Also, the desert texture seems a little too yellow, and needs a little color noise.

You could try putting a rock in your scene.

yafray for some reason doesnt like my distro, I think i messed up the RPM system when i installed two packages of the same name(hey how was i supposed to know a different version was already installed) and now not all RPM’s install right, but that might not be my problem, blender says it finds yafray, but when i set to render, nothing happens, i would use it in command line, but i dont have an xml exporter, or know where to get one, so… as for the scene… yeah sure i think i can do that, unfortunately for me, none of that until tomorrow :slight_smile: thanks for the suggestions, oh… i know it can be done but does anyone know how to, or know where a tutorial is for grass, I have tried to do it on several occasions, and it all looks pretty fake… help on that would be awesome!

You could try the fiber script for grass… there is a thread for it on this site. Also, about the yafray thing, have you tried to set the yafraypath under the use preferences (the “i”)? Yafray didn’t work on mine because of some weird permision deally, so I just set the path to something like /tmp and it worked. You could try that. Also, by command line, I meant to try and render something manual from a terminal, not from Blender.

well thats what i meant, i have to have xml to render with yafray or at least thats what it says :slight_smile: and blender doesnt like to export it on me… hmm… havent played with it for a few days, hmm… nothing going on… i think i will try that right now! :slight_smile:

well setting the path did it, though it seems that yafray drains a lot of rescources. I will have an update as soon as i can get it to render finally.

well… here it is… now i’m having trouble with the transperancy, if i set my ior more than 1 it gets those very ugly artifacts. I am puzzled as to what to do. but i think the crystals look pretty cool. at least they will when they get finished. and the ground looks more like a sulfur color, like its on some strange planet… though… i wish i could get rid of those stinking artifacts. Anyone have any C&C? i’ve come up with a few ideas, the crystals being the best but i think i might add in a little more to the scene… maybe a little bit of grass… hmm… well time will tell… right now time tells me to go to bed :slight_smile:

As for the transparency issue, you need to set the Depth to a higher value, just like 5.00 I’d say. More info about this here, your problem is dealed within this tutorial.

the depth of the entire render or just the glass? because my glass is already set to 10, and in yafray the global raydepth is set to 5… It seems the higher my Ior the wierder it gets, is there some sorta balance between IOR and some value i’m overlooking?

here’s an update, not quite transparent, but its at least looking cool now… a little more tweaking i think and i’ll have it. I’m still working on getting a scene put together, i think a little grass around the whole thing will look good.