Glass in GE?

Hello there.
I’ve been using Blender for a few months now, and recently I decided to try to make a more complicated game than just a cube moving 'round in the scene.
But later I found out that there is one problem, making an object transparent using the “Mirror transp” panel in the Materials button doesn’t work in the Game Engine. Where I wish to see a transparent cube, all i see is a white cube with no transparency at all.
Wondering if there is a solution…
I don’t want the object completly transparent, just so that you can see that there is an object there, but so that you can still see throught it.

I’ve been searching the whole internet for a solution, but haven’t found anything.

So please, if someone out there knows another way to make an object transparent in the Game engine, let me know.

Use a PNG ( or outer format with Alpha Cannel ), Set the “ZTransp” Buttom, the blend mode to Multiply. And set “Col” and “Alpha” in “Map To”.
Don´t forguet to set the GLSL mode.

Hi. :slight_smile:

For just straight transparency in the game engine no texture is needed, but ZTransp is the button you’re looking for. Set this and slide down the alpha (A) slider in the material colour. This works with GLSL and multitexture materials. Make sure to set the scene to show as Textured.

If you want your glass to be partially reflective then GLSL is essential. Look into the videotexture module to produce the reflection.

Woah, dude! That was just what i was lookin’ for!´
I never knew that the real solution to make objects transparent was that easy.

Thaks a lot!