Glass IOR - refraction

Hi! I have several architectural project and have a problem: My glass stuffs makes much more refraction than they should - objects seems to be a meter away behind a window or a glass railing. I tried to reset scale and set up units as metric but didn’t help. Any idea? Thanks in advance. Attila
+1.: Dunno where to write it, so: for area lights if I have ‘Multiple Importance Sample’ ON the light reflects in glass even it is not visible.

Hard to tell w/o picture. You can change IOR, but i supect you make some room filled with glass instead of thin glass object between rooms. Try apply solidify modifier or similar.

Thanks storm_st! I finally found the solution: The model was OK but I used a fake glass: combination of glass and transparent to make things faster. (And I really dont need caustic for the windows :slight_smile: so I used ‘camera ray’ to mix the two shader which gave a really odd result. Now I changed to ‘Shadow ray’ it seems OK to me. Attila