Glass looks...?

Ok, this still needs LOTS of work :smiley: lol

I just started it yesterday, and I will be making a MUCH better gun :smiley:

Anyways, what I wanted to do was ask, do you guys think the glass looks shattered? Like does the glass cup look like it was really shattered by the gun falling on it? I know it could us some smaller peaces of glass :smiley:

When it is done the gun and glass will be a big part of the pic, so i want to make sure it looks right.

did you use the fracture addon to do this here?

i think you need more broken pieces


Fracture add-on will help a great deal, let it fall under gravity and record the IPO’s and render it after it has fallen.

Also try adding a particle system with small fragments that will land on the table. Im not sure how advanced you are, but i would also try modeling a better filament inside the lamp.

I am not sure what you mean by “let it fall under gravity and record the IPO’s and render it after it has fallen.” I tried to us a Fracture add-on but it crashed blender every time. I am not sure if we are talking about the same thing.

And… it is a cup, not a lamp :wink: But if you thought it was a lamp I do need to change the modelling some lol :smiley:

Does this help it look like a cup? (it is a win cup) I made it so that you could see part of a desk, this why you can tell it is why to small to be a lamp.

get the lastest SVN at graphical
i just did a test this morning on fracture and it works fine !

but still see the piece size too big
but it’s up to u

add little more light so we can see better may be

happy 2.6

^ yes I will make the pieces smaller. I will add more light… I will be doing it in cycles so this is just caned lighting.

Yes I agree! The fracture does work fine!!

But with the shape of the glass it does not work /: I will not fracture that shape for some reason… any ideas?

Oddly enough, I am making a scene that looks almost identical to this. No broken glass though. I have bullets and pills also.
I cant for the life of me seem to model a gun!!!
Gonna follow this one to watch the comparison, hehe.

^ lol, care to post a pic of yours? :smiley: :smiley:

And on that note, does anyone here know of a good gun hand gun tutorial?

[QUOTE=Samuel Mancas;2046359]^ lol, care to post a pic of yours? :smiley: :smiley:

I haven begun sizing things proportionally, or setting up the scene, simply modeling right now. testing, etc. Hehe, but there is what I have so far.

Maybe turn your glass sideways so the viewer can see more of the glass profile shape, then it might be noticed more as a glass. Im sure once you get textures on it too, it would become obvious.

Been working on the gun.


What do you guys think?

I like it! =) Cant wait to see it with materials. Not exactly sure what kind of glass that is, but if it is like a whine glass, there would not be any jagged edges. Gun looks pretty good.

^ Thanks! Why would there be no jagged edges if it was a whine glass?

Hmmm… I dunno, but there is not, hehe.
Check these out.

I see very true! Thanks!

All I have to do know is make cellphone and i will be done with the modeling!

Edit, and fix the glass :smiley:

Hi when it comes on glass looks I prefer etched glass if I want to make some art works, glass doors in terms of glass like interior glass doors in pantry and frosted glass when it comes on that bathroom door because we all know that this kind of door is a translucent where you could not be seen clear image inside of it.

Hey, cool scene. I think you could use some smaller pieces of glass. I also think if you could somehow get the game engine working and record realistic physics of the scene like that, it would improve the scene even more. Also, like achery said above, you could use a particle system. I know you’re only asking about the glass, but I also noticed the gun looks like it might benefit if you add some edge loops for a less rounded look. You can message me if you need clarification.