Glass Materail

Hello all,

This is my first post to the forums and hopefully not my last. I have been on and off using blender for a few years now but it realy recently seemed to click very well for me and have started working with quit much lately.

However, my first post is going to be a problem I ran into tonight.

I have made many wine glasses and things in the past but lost them due to HD crash :frowning: and have not had this problem before.

This glass material does not seem to take right, maybe it is just because this is my first time using 2.48 instead of 2.46 and I’m missing something. Attached is a screen shot of my problem and material settings

Thanks for any ideas ahead of time…

Attachment: Screen shot of settings and Problem


Most likely it is the Depth setting on the Ray Transparency panel. Turn it up to 4 or 5, you need one for every surface the light passes through.

Thanks organic worked great. Would have never of thought of it myself though since i haven’t had the problem in the past. But at least i learned something new.

may be you should read the releases notes for the latest version
that would gives you a better idea of what has changed in latest blender releases

2.47 and 2.48 have had major changes and lot’s of new tools