Glass material glitch?

Hey, I’ve been working on an hourglass model, and it was fine for a while, but for some reason my glass material glitched. I tried to make another, with the same result. I don’t think that I changed any settings to make it do this… a little help please?

Here’s the pic:

Notice the glass. I used Sonix’ Ray Glass 3 material, and it worked for a few hours before it glitched.

What exactly is it supposed to be like? What’s the “glitch”?

I don’t know what it’s supposed to look like, but:

  1. is ray turned on?
    (F10, in the render panel, note that it won’t look exactly like this because this is my patched build)
  2. it might look better if the world isn’t the default blue color?

I set up a test showing what the material normally looks like:

As you can see, there is no “noise” on the glass, and that’s how I want it to look.

The weird thing is, I was able to get this picture to work, so it’s not a problem with the rendering, and I used the same material, so it’s not that.

And yes, ray is turned on.

so your problem is the noise on glass?
did you try repositioning the camera on your hourglass scene to see if it’s in the way that it’s refracting?

also, is your world color blue in your hourglass picture?

I haven’t tried repositioning the camera yet, but I have tried duplicating the object and moving the duplicate, but that doesn’t help.

Yeah, my world color is blue; does that matter?

I did another render:

The sphere renders correctly, but the hourglass does not.

do you have another mesh on top of the hourglass?
no, the color really doesn’t matter, but I was just wondering because your background is white

OH!! There we go. I seem to have had some duplicate vertices. I think I must have forgotten to hit undo when I duplicated it. Here’s the render:

Thanks guys. I suspected that earlier, because I was seeing what would happen with a second layer of glass, but when I checked for duplicates I was expecting to find them on the inside of the mesh, not on top of it. I appreciate the help.