glass material in 2.5

How do I make a glass texture in blender 2.5

Hope some one can help thanks

For a basic glass material enable ray transparency for the material, set the IOR to about 1.5 and turn down the alpha to maybe 0.01, change the specular hardness to a fairly high value, maybe 400 (CookTorr) (I don’t know much about the other shaders so maybe someone can give a better one for glass, but I usually use the default one) and enable mirror and set reflectivity to about 0.1. If you have objects behind the glass, turn up the depth.

Thank you very much works perfectly!

Interesting I just barely figured this out but Morio beat me to it. The most important thing is the ray transparency; this allows light to pass through the object. Simply being transparent doesn’t do the trick. Just if you are curious. :slight_smile:

Way to go Morio. :slight_smile: