"Glass" material, on Shadow only Plane - Help Req!

Hi All,

FIrstly, apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I am doing some awards stuff for the company I work for (beats doing proper work for a while!).

I have created a replica of the awards we give out, and what I would like to do is place it on a shadow only plane -which I have done.

However, it seems that the Glass material on the award still sees the plane and therefore renders it as dark patches in the refraction of the glass.

Can anyone tell me the best / simplest way around this. I have tried with nodes and using different Render layers, but I am really only a newbie at this so need some of you more intelligent and Blender orientated peeps to have a look for me.

I have posted a screen shot of the set-up (ignore the lighting etc. it is just for this test) and a render of the result that shows the “issue”.

If you need any more info please let me know, but I hope one of you can help.

Many thanks in advance!


Wayne: if you are using RayTransparency for the glass try upping the RayDepth value a little higher and that should hopefully solve your problem.


Many thanks for the reply, but it didn’t seem to help I’m afraid. I put Ray Depth right up to 10 and it was exactly the same as when it was at 2.

Any other ideas what might help? Or anyone else have any ideas?

I think there may be a way around it using Composite Nodes, but I can’t quite work it out.

Thanks in advance

p.s. Now added a blend file - similar, but not the same as the one above as I forgot to save that before closing Blender! DOH!! :wink:


Temp_Award_09.blend (471 KB)


In the material for your shadow-catching plane, deselect Traceable.


That was the button I was looking for! Thank you so much !!!

Annoyingly, if I had just hovered my cusor over it, all would have become clear - so near and yet so far! :wink:

Thanks once again, really appreciated!


No problem, glad it helped!