Glass Material

for the ones who have experinced the situation

which renderer gives cool glass Materials like those

internal , Indigo ? , please help …

Well, rendering glass with internal is EXTREMLY slow, and looks fake.
Yaf(a)ray is much faster and more realistic.
Here are my test renders: left - BI, right - Yaf(a)ray


Awesome …

Nothing special, here are .blend files for testing. Remember to install Yaf(a)ray :wink:


Glass_bottle_246_AO.blend (193 KB)Glass_bottle_YAF(a).blend (285 KB)

how can i know how far did it finish , when i start rendering , it freezes but whenver i cancel , after some seconds , it shows part of the result , i want it to show the result whenever a new pixel in finished …

thanks .

For BI version you have to wait veeeery long :yes: depending on your hardware. Yafaray version was something about 15 min on my 2 core Athlon. So you have to be patient and hands of the “ESC” key :wink:

isn’t there a way ? :frowning:

You could use vray.

This render took just under 9 minutes on a pretty basic machine (2ghz Dual Core, 1gig Ram) and you get to see it progressively render.
You can also see its progress from blenders console screen to see actual percentages for progress.


actually , i’m amazed now for BI the most .
and Vray is cool .