Glass Mirror Tile Texture?

Hi folks-
Been working in Blender 2.8 for a while, but I have a material that is really killing me (intending to use Cycles):

I’m trying to recreate the glass tile type texture. I have a texture that will correctly show the lines between the tiles, but the glossy mirror part for each “tile” is always reflecting the exact same way.

My material:
My current render:

I really want each tile to face slightly different directions randomly, so you get the type of effect like in the top image with light reflecting very differently. I’ve tried playing with different normal maps, and even a noise texture put into a normal, but I can’t get each to behave.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

I’m using this to convert any gray value (here from brick) into random color (here 1D white noise) into a custom converter that modifies normal based on the random color:

It does reduce the modification by viewing angle so as to not produce “illegal” normals which on a sharp glossy would produce black spots.

Thank you so much Carl! This is fantastic. I can’t thank you enough.