Glass Modeling

Ok I’m fairly new to blender but i know what i’m doing. I was just wondering if some one could tell me how to model a glass sphere or glass cube? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do also have yafray for rendering if that is needed for anything.

I happen to be working on glasses right now. For a nice round shape ‘spin’ in the edit interface is your friend.

I normally outline the shape of the glass from top down in front view using bezier curves - for a bit of thickness and a nice lip at the top, I’ll copy the outlined bezier curve and move it just to the side of the original then join the top two vertices with the ‘F’ key. Pay attention to where the cursor is - make sure your two open ends at the bottom are on the blue line (in front view) or at least on the same point of the x-axis as the cursor is or you’ll end up with a hole in the bottom of the glass when you do the next stage!

Go back to object mode and hit ALT-C to conv ert the curves to a mesh then back to edit mode and select all vertices with the ‘A’ key and change to top view (very important). Ensure your spin will happen around the cursor.

In the edit interface, locate the spin button. Set degrees to 360, steps to something like 15 and turns to 1. Hit ‘spin’ then click in the top view. Voila.

With the vertices still selected, remove doubles and hit CTL-N. That’s it (with a bit of subsurfing).

I’ll leave it to others to give you the finer points of glass transparency but look in the materials section for the glass, set alpha to something less than 1, turn ztransparency on in the mirror transparency panel then play around with the two fresnel settings and render with lights and camera.

Good luck.

[EDIT] - Sorry - just noticed you said glass sphere[/EDIT]