Glass of juice

My versions of glass of juice. Which is better?
Blender+Cycles+5000 samples=2h of render time
Blender+Cycles+1500 samples=1h of render time


I just feel the juice looks too much solid.

I agree with that comment. More so in the first one.

Is the only difference the number of samples? The second one looks more like orange juice. The first one doesn’t look like orange juice at all, but I guess you didn’t say what kind of juice it is supposed to be!

The reflections on the first one aren’t realistic. And the juice in the first one looks thick and gel-like, maybe even solid as was pointed out in the other comments. So overall, I have to go with Glass #2.

man ths is just so cool, how did you wait all this time just to do that, if i weer you i,d quiet it along time a go, great work

I agree completely with Liasaurus: the second one is much better. The first one looks like solid orange skin, more than juice.

Is the same material, in both of them? Is it only SSS or maybe some volumetrics?

On first one was only SSS and the second one SSS and Volume Absorption and Scater.

Thank you, raiden1983! It looks more complex and accurate. It makes sense that way. Have a nice day!

no problem