Glass of pills

Just thought I would get some honest feed back on this.
Glass of pills, capsules, balls and tablets.
glass cup, broken glasses pack of smokes and a lighter.

Cycles 900 passes


Okay, you asked for it.
The glasses are flat and unloved. Like you spent too much time on everything else except for the glasses. Give them attention.
The pills look delicious. Pills shouldn’t look delicious. Try to reduce the shine and make the hard setting lower, like 10 or 20.
The lighter is also unloved. try adding bump mapping, and give it more normals in the effect.
The glass is fine.
The cigarette box is perfect.

I hope this doesn’t sound rude. I hate being rude and/or honest. :frowning:

No I loved it. You’re absolutely right. I made the glass the pills and the smokes and the lighter and glasses were an after thought and done in like 20 minutes.

but come on, pills are starting to look more like candy than most candies.

Also the crack in the glasses, Thats the first time I tried anything like that, any thoughts?

Okay… the pills I grew up with… NOT TASTY! :mad:
But no, the crack in the glasses is awesome. The glasses themself just look a little flat. I haven’t a clue on what your wire frame looks like, but you could try to add the solidify modifier to make it thicker.

of course they aren’t tasty but they look like candy.
and yeah towards the end I had to work on my secondary machine and everything was starting to gunk up the speed and quality. there are 3482 items there.

Oh… Makes sense…
I’ve been there… (Horrible, horrible, nightmares… 256MBS!)
How long did it take to render?

to be honest, beats me. just hit render and went to go play video games.

Well… To kill the render time, you could use buffer shadows instead of ray shadows. That would work. You could tone down the reflection samples down too.
But yeah, this is really awesome. It doesn’t need a drastic change, just tiny little ones.

Well thank you for your honesty and critiques.

You are always welcome! :smiley:

I’m begining to wonder if its just my pc, but again Too Dark!

the things in your image are there to be looked at yet your illlumination does nothing. add a fill light to the side of the glass, it doesnt have to be too bright, just enough to kill the shadows and angle your main light to focus on the scene.

it seems like a thing many people are ignoring at the moment, spend hours building the scene, then days rendering but give no thought whatsoever to the lighting setup.

Here are my thoughts:

The pills have to much shine, like it was said before, they look more like candies.

Glasses and lighter both need attention, they look very, well boring, sorry

The box of cigarettes need a bit of shine to them, not to much. If you look at a pack of smokes, even with out the cellophane, they have a bit of a shine on them.

Does need more light in the scene, as stated, add a fill light, just be sure you un-check Transmission and Gloss on the fill light. This will get rid of any awkward reflections.

I’ve never seen spherical red pills. Shouldn’t they be like flattened cylinders and more of a matte finish?

Okay, I’m going to focus on what other people have not said yet, and keep in mind this is a focus critique, so you’re asking for improvements.

-The granite texture is way too stretched out, I know you’re going to say granite looks like that all the time. It doesn’t matter, this granite looks wrong. The box of cigarettes looks like it has a warped texture, mostly on the side. In addition, the box looks way too crumpled up. I see what you were going for, but it’s just done to way too much of an extreme.

-PILLS: Red pills look fine. Purple/ Green pills look like they’ve been chromed more than my hubcaps. I don’t want to eat something that I can see my reflection in. The white pills… are they wafers? They are way too thin, also adding some geometry to them would be nice, they just look like circles, thicker and more complex geometry is always nice.

-Glasses look way too under developed. Your mission today is to look up some glasses that look like this and model them in their entirety. Try as hard as you can to make them look identical to the image you’re modeling off of.

The ideas are great, the story being told is a good one, you’ve just go to improve a few things.

Also, the lighter looks fine. It’s in the background, nobody will notice.

P.S. Add some Depth of Focus, that will make this scene look WAY BETTER.