glass of water

i can make a glass,
i can make water,
but i cant make a glass of water with the blender render or yafray
with blender i get this:
with yafray seem mirros is on but it isnt…

can anyone give me a tip?


The ray depth is to small. In Blender you would need a raydepth of 5, in Yafray try something around 20 or so.

You got double faces where the water is. You need to remove the part of the glass in which the water is (hint: loopcut ctrl-r). It should render properly then.

im rendering now to see the results

one more thing fresnel 0? and 1.25?

in yafray? 1.25?

Ray Mirror: Fresnel 5, Factor 1.25
RayTransp: Fresnel 5, Factor 1.25

For Yafray additionally: Alpha=0 (or simply use one of the Glas Presets.)

sorry i dont understand

i have the done the thing by 2 objects one is water the other is the glass

is this the right ideia?

o you are telling me that the good ideia is the lazzy ideia that u made the glass and cut one part extrude to the center and the glass and the wate are the same…?

turn off of all faces doublefaces or only for the water?

You could either make one object that contains both glass and water and then apply the materials to them.

Or you could alter the existing glass by removing the area of the water from it. It would yield the same result.

I can post a .blend if needed.

I think soylent_gr gave the correct answer already.

i getting a pretty cool results with the blender render

the blend will be grate

that i made with 2 meshs but the problem is the water is “glued” with glass?
the glass is flutuating? i have a mist of glass and water?

if i do with only one mesh i dont lose the barrier glass/water?

now i understand better the depth before i thinked that was like the number of walls that the ray would cross

ups i forgot the ray mirror…
(i forgot set smooth)
tanks a lot guys im heading towards the reality almost
but i have much more to learn
to make one thing clear

when i play with transparencys in 3d(not a simple plane) like a cube or something turn off the double sided right?

:expressionless: Sorry for giving false advice. At least I know how to make glass with water properly now. :smiley:
with the render of blender

i will leave later the blend for who wants to play with glass of waters

that i think that is great achivment that i have done today(for me)

and i think there are a lot of noobs like me trying to do simple things like this and cant get the options properly done.

sorry for my english

when i was thinking this in yafray will look more realistic i get this:
ray mirror on:
raymirror off:

i dont get it…
whe i chanege the depth in the yafray?
in render part right?

Which is absolutely right in Blender (-1). Blender counts from 0 upwards, so 0 is enough for glas in, 1 for glas in and out, 2 for glas in and out and in, 3 …

In Yafray you need a higher raydepth, but I don’t know whether there is such an easy dependence.

You have a problem here, a very little distance between the glas and the water, which would in reality lead to an high amount of total reflection. So the yafray render may be perfectly right.

i will turn of the reflection…
to see what i get.
edit:i got the same thing
but the question is how they do glasses of water/wine etc with yafray?