glass of water

Hi. Here is my last finished work. I think it is well done but it can be improved. I am waiting sugestions. Sorry about my bad english.

really good, the whole composotion looks great althuogh they are “only” glasses of water its very interesting to watch i would change only one thing, that lens-flare-sun-thing in the upper right. it just doesnt fit. am i wrong or is this pst pro from painshop? i think i recognize that effect. i like to work with paintshop.
one little thing is that the parts visible through the glass should be blured too,maybe just a bit so the water and the glass have some sort of lens effect, i dont know if thats possible but that could make it more logical
other that that there is nothing to complain about.

it could be from paintshop, photoshop, gimp or any similar program. they are all identical lens flares becuase they are all from the same type of lens

i would be careful of the placement of the flare though. it draws your eye out of the picture
excellent drops running down the glass by the way :]

You are right. I have done the lens flares outside blender, wuth photoshop. I don’ t understand anithing about photograph, so ¿where can I place the lens flare to make de scene more realistic?in other way, I don´t know why the zone of the scene back of the glass is perfect focussed. the focus effect is done with blender, with the node editor. One more time, sorry for my bad english.

A professional photograph would not have a lens flare so I say leave it out. Why mess with a perfect render? :slight_smile:

Why mess with a perfect render?
I agree. Try using nodes and adding a subtle glare (or glow) effect. Or leave it as it is. :wink:

The lens flare does nothing more then be in the way, and I don’t know about the plain grey reflection in the rightmost glass.

Perfect otherwise.

here you got the original render, and the blured one, with no postprocess. So, tell my what you want me to do. I a hope your sabious advices.tabnks, and sorry again for my bad english.

The last one is perfect. I agree about the lens flare. Don’t use it. If you want to mess in PShop, add a subtle glare to the white highlight (duplicate your layer, desaturate, pump up the contrast and lower the brightness until you see only the white highlights, do a “filter-distort-diffuse glow” with no grain and medium intensity, then merge the layers in “lighten” mode, upper layer at somewhere between 30 and 50 per cent intensity).

You’ll never get a lens flare in a real camera unless you are looking pretty much right at a bright light source, like the sun. Since your camera is pointing down, and you can’t even see the lamp/sun, the light would not create a flare in a real camera for that shot. I really like your last render though! Is this Blender internal or a different renderer?

roofoo is blender internal.
BbB, I think you are an expert, so please xplain the seme slowler, or can you send me a message with the steps you want me to follow??becaus i have not understand anithing.: -D

keep the blur, that´s cool

I came on this thread expecting some nooby first transp render lol, I was wrong. nice job. :smiley:

Nice render.

But am I the only one who finds it strange that the wood reflects the glasses? :confused:

I tried to do a pulisshed an varnishing wood. that is why it reflects…:confused:

Its looking great,i love specially the drops how these r falling.Looking forward to see more nice work.

Such a reflection would have a little blur to it, blurry reflections is not in 2.45 but it is in SVN.

Can you render your pictures a little smaller

Definitely the last image is the best. Losing the lens flare was a big plus. As far as the wood being to reflective it looks sort of like there is glass on top of the wood. Since there are a lot of wood tables with glass overlaid, I say it looks fine. But hey what do I know.

@Mosh: Check to see if your Browser allows you to zoom in and out. I know IE does and I think Safari also. If it does view the page at 50% and then the images fit well even on a 800x600 monitor.

Keep Blending!