Glass of Water

Hello guys,
It’s been a long time since I last modeled something in 3D, let alone use Blender. I remember Blender a few years ago when it had that ugly interface and I was never convinced it was the right software for me … but now it looks better and, especially because of the addition of Cycles, I decided to give it a shot … and oh boy was I surprised!
Here is a render of a glass of water I worked on earlier yesterday:



The render is 1920*1080 with 5000 samples and took 5 hours to render with GPU Compute (I have a GT750M)… and I’m concerned about the fireflies. There is just too much on the water itself and more noticeably on the ground. I thought 5000 were enough (probably a little too much) but the problem persists. I looked up on the internet and the main tweak people suggest is to set clamp to 1 or 2. But won’t that also dim the shiny reflection of the water itself and all ? And is 5 hours too long for this render ?

There is supposed to be an ice cube in the middle but I set it’s IOR to be the same as of the water and didn’t texture it that’s why it’s barely noticeable.

Any suggestion ? Do you think it’s photorealistic ?

Thanks! :eyebrowlift: