glass on 3d window

How can i do “visible” glass /car window/ on 3d window?
Thanks for help!

if you mean with some transparency

go to F7 and set transp

hope it helps

What i mean is, when i modeling to see the glass.
Thanks for the fast reply!

with transp set it should show the transp material as long as you have 2 faces
to give glass some volume in 3D then you’ll see semi transp depending on alpha value set in F5

hope this help


sorry i still can’t have it. F7 draw extra, turne on Transp. That’s it? Because i couldnt get it.:eek:
Thanks a lot!

you got it or not?

i can try to upload a sample file with example of transp glass that you can see in viewport?

let me know

tough don’t know if i have time to do it this night may be tomorrow !

good luck

Thanks, tomorrow gonna be fine!:cool:

here sample file for transp glass in viewport

see setting in F7 and F5

it may also work with only one layer or face i guess !

but there would be any refraction inside the glass


Thanks again your help RickyBlender !! :wink: