Glass Pears

I made this on blender/luxrender:yes: Please Give me some helpful tips Thank you!


The pear shape isn’t very defined. I know not all pears are the same, but most pears have a more noticable transition from the fat bottom part to the smaller top part. The tan pear doesn’t seem to be reflecting the green one. One other thing is that you can see the edges of the “floor” so mabey fade the light out faster to black or scale up the plain. I do like the caustic effects, are those real or are they faked with some well placed area lights? Either way it is a very nice render, excellent work!

Here is my second try thank you for the help!


Hello dfwlucas,

To me, the shape of the green pear looks a bit odd… Although it looks really good! How long did it take you to render it in luxrender and what’s your cpu?

Shockingly only 30 minutes and i have a single core cpu. Cleaned noise up with gimp :slight_smile:

The problem is that you need some surface reflection detail to define the front edge of the pears. Otherwise, “they’re not there at all,” and the 3D illusion is lost.

Easiest way to get that is to composite it, getting reflections-only information using non ray-traced techniques.

How would I do that with Luxrender?