Glass planes


Nice forum! Just started using Blender so go easy…

I’m trying to construct a HiFi rack with glass platforms.

I’ve constructed planes for the platforms, but I can’t make them look like glass. Any ideas?

Thanks, Adrian.

These links might help. (Or search for 'realistic glass’on this forum)

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sonix (I think it was him) made a car material library. Its somehwere in the Finished Projects forum. One of the materials included was glass.


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Awesome links SoftWork - just what I need.

This may seem a basic question but is there a way I can export textures / objects and import them into different Blender files?

I’ve tried searching for this one, but found nothing.


You can append materials, objects, etc from other blender-files with File->Append, select the file you want to append from, select Material, select the material you want to append.

BTW, a good introduction can also be found in the 3 pfd documents (each about 3 MB) at the following link:

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I load up Blender go File ->Append …and crash!

blender.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. blah blah.

I’m using the latest version 2.35a

Whyyy? %| :wink:

Hmmm … I’m using the same version (Blender release 2.35a) and I have no problems appending. Both the menu and the hotkey (Shift F1) work fine. All I can imagine is that there might be some video card problems encountered. I would suggest you get the latest updated drivers (unless you are using an ATI card … from what I understand, it might be better to use an older driver for those cards. You should go to and check out the section on video cards).

Does the problem start as soon as you select File -> Append?

Video card is a Radeon 9800pro with the latest drivers, but I was using older drivers previously and it crashed with those too.

From clicking Append it takes maybe 1-2 seconds before the program crashes, and the Microsoft error dialogue box appears.

I will check out the video card section @ now

Still having problems guys…Any ideas?

Apparently the only solution is to get an nVidia card. I have a FireGL T2 128 workstation card in one of my workstations, and I can’t use Blender on it because of it. I have to use another workstation that has an nVidea card. I had complications with Maya with the ATI card as well. Apparently ATI has really ratty OpenGL implementation, something which they’ve admitted to relatively recently (although I’ll be damnned if I can find the link right now).

I know that’s not what you want to hear, certainly not what I wanted to hear considering I spent a good chunk on my FireGL card, but for Blender (and a few other apps), nVidia is the only game in town right now.

If you don’t have heavy gaming requirements or need a multiple monitor setup, you may want to consider something like this:

Making realistic glas:

I was reading about the append problem and how some suggest that it has something to do with the OpenGL drivers. I was wondering if that’s the problem. I assume the Open command works correctly. The Append command is like the Open command but handles the Blend files different which may cause the problem.
If it’s so sure that the OpenGl drivers cause the problem can anybody explain why the Open and Append commands work different from an OpenGl point of view.