Glass/Pmma Panel

Hi everybody,
I’m trying render a glass/PMMA panel like this, with LED type light.

I try to put the “LED” on the head of the panel, but the light not illuminate all the panel.

¿How can I do the correct material/illumantion to make this effect?

I used a glass material from cycles, with the ior for PMMA and mesh emision to simulate the Led tape.


Hi, glass material in Cycles miss some physically basics as transmission, dispersion and refraction.
Quick check look as you cant get realistic results in Cycles without fake.
Add some roughness to glass is first step.
You can upload the .blend and we can play a bit with the material settings, have no time to set up complete LumiSheet myself.

Cheers, mib


I see that you put the light inside of the panel.
I tried this, and seems that this method works.

I upload my scene.


0002_Cycles.blend (642 KB)

Hi, look into the file and saw your render settings.
Your Light Path settings are really overkill, 16 bounces is enough even 8 should work fine.
Progressive Refine is a way slower than tiles render.
Switch multiple importance for area light on.

Cheers, mib

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