Glass problem

Hi there,

I’m trying to render a girl’s room where there’s a picture of her in a frame on top of her bed, and there’s a glass in front of it.

However, I can’t see the picture unless there’s sun hitting it directly. What could I do about this?

You can see the render in the picture bellow, and also the glass material itself.

Disabling caustics didn’t help.



Don’t use glass shader (it uses refraction which is not needed here). Setup a custom thin sheet glass material instead using layer weight/facing to blend between transparent shader and glossy:

  • Refraction will typically fail with wrongly setup normals or thin sheet glass.
  • Transparent shader doesn’t work (easily) with fresnel, hence the layer weight/facing workaround.
  • Glass material doesn’t have separate controls for refractive and glossy color.

Alternatively it could just be a case of adding glass with a transparency shader. Depending on the model, it might be just the trick, but speedwise you can’t beat the thin sheet glass material described above.