Glass problems...

HI, sorry for another probably stupid question.

I am trying to model a pyramid with a glass walkway-like thing around it (don’t ask why), but I am having issues with the glass… it just looks wrong:

I know from 3ds max these errors can happen from having a glass face exist at the same point as a normal face, so I moved the glass box up by 0.001. It changed it (before it was static-like), but still didn’t FIX it.

I think it’s because the glass and the pyramid overlap (the box is just overlaid on the pyramid), but in 3ds I would use a boolean to fix that, here it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Here’s a pic of the wire frame:

How can I fix this? And is there a more logical way to deal with the “2 faces at one point” syndrome?

It’s really hard to judge how glass looks if it the only things you see through it have flat colors, for all I know it could be fine. You may also want to light the scene with HDRI to give the glass something to reflect.

Agh, I just realized my problem, I had 2 glass boxes and they were refracting each other in odd ways. Oops. :o