Glass reflections cycles

Hi, is there any way to control (decrease) glass reflectivness in cycles? I want to render a clean curved glass (glass bulb) but the reflections on it are too strong. I tried mixing the glass shader with transparent one, but the refraction and reflections got messed up. Only solution i came with was to edit lamp mat nodes with light paths (exclude reflections and glossy), but it affected lighting on the other obejcts in scene too much, so it’s no use. Any ideas? I’ve searched the forum for a few hours now and found nothing.

just add a mix shader with 2 nodes one diffuse and one glossy
should make it easy to control the glossy
also try changing the strenght factor in glossy nodes

or use 2 glossy nodes with mix shader!


Thanks for the reply, but i think i don’t understand your advice. You mean using this “fake glass” material instead of glass one? I tried it before - mixing transparent and glossy node. I had the control over the reflections, but it looked fake as the reflections were on both sides of the material and there was no refraction etc… . I’ll try to post some images later to explain what i mean.

pics would be nice
but let say that with mixe shader add a glossy on bottom node for controlling reflection
and adjust the roughness value
until you get what you want !


Hmm i changed my lighting setup a bit and the problem is less noticable. Thanks for the help though.