Glass refractive color, BI, where the heck is it?

Is it possible? I’ve searched the forums for glass color, refraction color, realistic glass, etc., and so far I haven’t found any way to change the glass tint in BI. Most other renderers use “refraction” color to set the color of a transparent material, but I can’t find anything of the sort in Blender’s internal material settings. It’s driving me crazy trying to find this info.

I know it can be done with yafray, Luxrender, and the rest, but I want to try to use BI as I’m using 2.5 64-bit and there are no stable releases of yafray or luxrender exporters for 64 bit 2.5 (Windows 7, anyway - I guess I could compile something in my Linux 64 bit, but I do most of my work in MS), I have to save my work and then open it in 2.49.

Any help plz? If it can’t be done, just say so and I’ll suck it up and use 2.49 32-bit and another render engine.

IIRC its the absorbtion value i.e. filter under raytrace selects how much the diffuse colors light going through the material. Still no true difraction or caustics though

Dangit. Looks like I’m SOL using 2.5 64-bit directly with an external renderer; I guess I’ll live with re-opening the projects in 2.49 until the plugin scripters catch up.

Thanks for the info.