Glass render in BI

Hello everybody!

Just became an member, needed some tips and help. I am trying to make some glass material and have been using BI as in Blender Internal but dont get the results i am after, do i need to use som external renderer or is it just because i am inexperienced?

Would be really nice if someone could give me som help and answers:)

Here are my results for now:

Kind regards Isak “inkoqnito”

what do you want to do ?

i think you did not include all your model in pic !
may be load another pic

and are you using 2.5 ?

happy 2.5


the model is on the pc, dont you see the top of a kind of bottle?

And yes i am using 2.5


ok you don’t like how it looks?

what else would you like to do?

can you explain what you goals are cause we cannot guess what you want ?

happy 2.5

I am sorry!

I wanted to be more photorealistic but i dont seemt to get it any more photorealistic.


first why don’t u add some objects around to get some reflections et…
like a table or other objects

2 - may be use anHDRI map to have more reflection in the glass faces

3- looks at wiki for trick using glass

4 - may be try to use yafaray but you need to read how to render glass
but you’;llneed to do it under 2.49

hope it helps

happy 2.5

The grey background would only exist in a photography studio.

The black shape at the bottom left is absolutely black. It should have light from the environment lighting it up a little. In reality, everything reflects light. Look around you and you’ll notice that every object you see is reflecting light from things around it.

You could add a little grain noise to the image also. Possible mess around with adding a slight vignette effect. Or maybe a little lens flare or something. When you have things in the background, you could also try to add a little DOF.


see this thread on HDRI and having lost of reflections
but you need to find a good HDRI map !

samething can be use for glass


Here are 3 hdri packs (the 2 other pack links are on that page too)