glass settings/light setup in 'clear glass' tutorial

this is a follow up question to the following thread:

thanks to the suggestion made in that thread, I was able to create a great looking wine glass.

Now I am trying to get those awesome reflections from the ‘clear glass’ tutorial (not the objects, but the other glasses). I suppose the placements of the lights is quite important to get the right effect. Here is a link to the tutorial that I am trying to mimic:

I am using the same settings for the glass material but I can’t seem to get the glasses to show up in the reflections.

What is your RayMirror Depth set to? Not positive, but it may need to be higher than the default setting of 2.

it was set to 2, and I will try to set to 4. Do the lights have to be setup in a certain way?

I don’t know of a specific light setup that will solve your problem. But a change of lighting can have a big effect on a scene. You may want to try some different setups after first focusing on the glass materials and raytracing settings.

Err, did you mean your glasses do not reflect anything? You need a world texture.

“Load an image in your world texture!”

ok, could it be that the settings of the ray tracer were different than what was mentioned in the tutorial? I am now trying different raytracing settings especially the raymirror fresnel and frac.
What is the preferred method of uploading images so I can actually show you what I’m trying to do.

If you look at the clear glass tutorial, then you can clearly see the glasses on the left reflected in the rightmost glass. If I use the same glass material and raytracing settings, I don’t see those kind of reflections. I can try some different settings, but I don’t really know what I’m changing :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure I’ve published the settings that I’ve actually used, but if you like, I can send you the blend file.


I’m pretty sure I’ve published the settings that I’ve actually used, but if you like, I can send you the blend file.[/quote]

I didn’t realize you created the tutorial. It would be supercool if you could send me the blend file. I’m sure I did something stupid in my setup.

Send me your e-mail adress by forum mail, and I’ll send you the blend-file.

(It seems I have to rework the tutorial, any tips are appreciated).