Glass Shader becomes GLossy?

Hello everybody

strange thing happens to me rendering a pool…

looks like past a certain camera angle, a water surface i made, becomes Glossy, and no more Glassy. the image should be exaustive…

there’s HDR image as a World Background Color…

i’ve played with render settings, camera settings, world settings without results, any hint?

have a nice day!

That’s the normal behaviour of the glass shader, which uses the fresnel function to blend a refract shader with a glossy shader; where light will reflect more at glacing surfaces, and refract at facing surfaces.

You can however create a new glass shader, mixing the refraction and the glossy by just a fraction of the fresnel, reducing the amount of the reflections produced.

Thank you Secrop,

AFAIK the fresnel is a function of the angle, in my scene it looks like there’s a TRESHOLD, it cannot be the fresnel…

Looks like the normals of the water mesh are pointing in the wrong direction.

Flip them around and see what you get.

Ace Dragon is right! If the normals are pointing in the inside direction, the IOR of the fresnel function is inverted, and Cycles understands this as if the first medium has an higher IOR than the second medium. This makes the water to look like if it is seen from underwater.

And you’re right!

thank you, rendering fixed