Glass shader blocking light from sun

I’ve been using Blender only a few months and I an issue with a scene I am creating as part of a tutorial - see attached

The windows in the room seem to be blocking light from the sun. If I get rid of the windows, the sun light enters the room. I

At the same time, light from the environment texture seems to be coming through the window ok.

I think it must be an issue with the way the shader is set up.

Any help would be most appreciated.

I think you confused a “transparent” shader with a “translucent” shader…
It’s imho also hardly ever a good idea to leave an input of a mix shader unconnected. So, either do this:

Or shorter:

Et voilà (You didn’t pack some of the textures, so I had to improvise…):

Thanks Ikari. You are awesome!

Thanks Ikari, you are awesome!

One trick I learned from CG Cookie is to render the scene without the glass, then render the glass on it’s own, and combine the two. If you have a CG Cookie citizen Membership, Jonathan Williamson did an Arch Vis course that shows how to do what I’m talking about.

This has several benefits. One is that it renders faster and with less noise because the light isn’t having to go through the glass.

I’ve used this technique a few times myself, and find it helpful.